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SFORZATO DI VALTELLINA DOCG (Also known as Sfursat or Sfursat di Valtellina) is one of the 2 DOCG wines from Valtellina, Lombardy. It is a dry Passito red made from dried grapes similar in style to Veneto's Amarone della Valpolicella wine.

Its name 'Sfursat' dereives from the traditional method of 'Forzatura delle uve' (forcing the grapes). This essentially means obtaining a higher alcohol and concentration in the grapes via process of drying.
​This wine is produced purely from Chiavennasca grapes (local name for Nebbiolo) sourced from the best vineyards. The best bunches are than laid out on straw mats in aerated cellars to dry, the process made easier thanks to the Breva wind which blows through this region.
Drying the grapes takes three to four months whereby the fruit will lose about 40% of its own weight and the sugars will become concentrated.
​After fermentation the wine spends 24 months maturing between barrel and bottle. The result is an intensely rich, full-bodied red with intense concentration and an alcohol content of around averagely 14.5%, not unlike Amarone.